My name is Victor Palmer… I Am... The New Owner of 7010 Jurupa Rd, Jurupa Valley, CA 92509 

Quality Automotive & Diesel Repair

I would love to share a little about myself so you can have an idea of who I am as a Person
Plus maybe an idea of how I run my Shop

I moved to the Inland Empire July 2016

The Island of Maui
Is where I call home

Haole Boy

Taught & Educated
Island Style 

American History...? I Know Hawaiian History

I know... I never had an... Uncle named Sam


Were a Civilization in the middle of the Ocean
living life about 10 years behind everyone one the mainland.

I Grew Up in a Very Culture Based Environment
Hawaiians, Filipinos, Portuguese 
Samoan's & Tongans

When I Grew Up in Hawaii
There weren't many Haole's (White People)
Only one Popolo (Black Person)
 His name was Ishmel
He would make Bamboo Pipes, Straw Hats, Coconut 
& Pineapple drinks to sell too the tourist

Bare Foot & Surf Shorts 

 In Hawaii 
I took a 2 year Automotive Technician Course at the University of Hilo
 I Successfully Graduated & Straight to Work for
General Motors & Nissan 
I am currently Certified in 65 different area’s
for General Motors alone

One of those Certifications being

 Gm Master Diesel Technician

 I Am Also

 ASE Certified, DMV Certified Vehicle Safety Inspector Insurance Claims Adjuster & Under Writer for

Geico, State Farm, Farmers, USAA, Liberty Mutual Allstate, Progressive & AAA

Once I decided to no longer be employed
as a Dealership Technician
 I went to work for a few independent repair shop's
as a Mechanic

I had no idea of what I was getting myself into
 I entered a world of Automotive Repair
I "WAS NOT" experienced in 

It was almost like starting over again
 Having to diagnose & repair vehicle's
Ive never even touched before 
some you can't even read the language on the manufactures labels

It was right back to school & books for me 
time to broaden my Horizon's & Knowledge

 Ol School & GM Trainning 

Weren't enuff knowledge in the outside world
When you work for a Dealership
You work on one manufacture's vehicles
 Or how ever many are being sold at your dealership 

In My Case... It was everything manufactured by


General Motors

Chevrolet, GMC, Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmoblie, Saturn
Saab, Cadillac, Corvette, Hummer + Nissan 


The whole time I was missing the Orderliness Smoothness & Employee Benifits I just left at the Dealership

I decided to go striaght too the top
Not at the dealership begging for my job back
 I wanted to start Managing Repair Shops
I liked finding the shops that were going under
 about to close their doors
I would go in & Take Over
 Fire & Remove all Bad Apples
 Operrating Properly, Customers Back
out of Debt & Bankruptcy 

Job Well Done

Off to the next shop needing my help 

My Management Experiance


Not the type of experiance you get from
reading a book, taking a test
receving a piece of paper saying CERTIFIED 

Everything I know has come from me personally
putting in the time & energy to make it happen
Working, Running & Managing

Automotive Repair Shops, Auto Body Shops 
Adjustment Claims, Tow Companies on 
Police Rotation & Salvage Yards

I have been very Fortunate to Experiance
 Every department there is in the
Automotive Repair Industry 

Repair Technician, Parts Department, Service Writing Service Managment & Warranty Claims

After moving to the Inland Empire I decided
that it was time to open my own repair shop 
run it the way I want & know that's right

Over the years I've wanted nothing more then to own
my own shop. Where I can make it Shine like a Star 
Running & Operating the proper way
 the way a shop should be ran